At-Large Delegate Elections Voting Page

Elections for At-Large Delegates opened Thursday, May 18th and closed Tuesday, June 6th. An At-Large DSA member is any member who does not belong to a chapter and who is current on their dues as of March 14th (or has made arrangements for the National Office to waive their dues). Based on DSA’s National Constitution and Bylaws, members of Organizing Committees are also considered At-Large Members of DSA.

The National Office emailed all eligible voters a packet including information on all of the candidates and a link for voting online using a score voting method. Any At-Large Members of DSA who did not have an email address listed on file with DSA received a postcard with their voting code via the mail.

If you were eligible to vote in the At-Large Delegate election, you received an access key and password sent to you by email or postcard for voting. You could find a voting guide here with candidate names, bios, and statements, plus more information about the voting system.

The At-Large Delegate election used a voting system called Score Voting, which allows for the quotas required by DSA bylaws (no more than half men and at least one-fifth people of color). Score Voting is a method where voters assign a score to each candidate (i.e. a 0, 1, or 2 for each candidate) rather than ranking candidates in order. There were up to 88 At-Large Delegate seats.